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The Destructive Drumbeat of Incessant Feedback

By |2019-06-30T11:44:09-05:00June 30th, 2019|Challenging Conversations, First Time Manager Series, Leadership|

Feedback is an important tool for managers to promote high performance and performance improvement. However, when the flow of feedback exceeds a person's ability to process and act on it, the results include stress and disengagement. Here are ideas to help managers tailor their feedback volume and frequency to the needs and styles of their team members.

Last Chance to Lock-In Feedback Performance Improvement in 2018

By |2018-11-13T09:31:04-06:00November 13th, 2018|Uncategorized|

The absence of quality feedback on the tough performance and business issues is one of the most significant maladies inhibiting performance in our workplace today. Whether it’s boss to employee, vice-versa, or peer to peer, we have to be able to talk openly about individual and group performance and cut through the noise to drive positive change. Our online, on-demand course helps you and your team solve this problem to strengthen performance.

For Managers—The Performance Potential of a Strong Feedback Culture

By |2019-05-28T18:37:34-05:00November 2nd, 2018|Art of Managing, Challenging Conversations, Emerging Leaders, First Time Manager Series, Leadership, Leadership Caffeine|

Imagine there was a tool at your disposal that would help reinforce in real-time the behaviors of group members that moved the performance numbers in the right direction. Or, a tool that would get people motivated to learn, grow, and leave behind less-than-ideal behaviors in favor of new approaches and continuous improvement. Wouldn’t this be helpful? Well, there is. It’s called performance feedback. And sadly, it’s often missing-in-action, misapplied, or, applied inconsistently, and that’s just leaving money and morale on the table.

Why We Hate Feedback—And How to Give and Get More of the Right Kind

By |2018-10-28T13:11:24-05:00October 28th, 2018|Challenging Conversations|

Few of us relish being on the receiving end of constructive feedback. And many of us go out of our way to delay delivery of difficult feedback to colleagues or employees. To top it off, our brain is working against us on much of the processing around feedback. Yet, you can create incredible performance gains for yourself, your coworkers and your firm if you take control of your feedback universe. Here are eight ideas to help you get started:

The High Cost of Feedback Left Unspoken

By |2018-09-13T07:42:43-05:00September 12th, 2018|Career, Emerging Leaders, Leadership, Leadership Caffeine|

I fret over feedback poorly provided. I also recognize that not all feedback is worth listening to—a great deal depends upon the source and the motivations of the feedback giver. However, I worry a great deal about the incredible and immeasurable cost of important feedback never given. As Deming suggests, this value is unknown and unknowable. And that worries me.

Focus on First-Time Managers #3—Overcoming the Discomfort of Delivering Feedback

By |2017-12-08T07:36:55-06:00April 25th, 2017|Art of Managing, Challenging Conversations, First Time Manager Series, High Performance Management Teams|

Cultivating the skills and confidence to navigate constructive (negative) and positive feedback discussions is a game changer for any manager. Unfortunately, most first-time managers have received little to no training for this important performance tool. The good news is that armed with an understanding of the building blocks of effective feedback discussions and ample practice, you can learn to master this important management skill.

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