In too many of our organizations and on our teams, people are engaged at the transaction level. They work, meet, and deliver because it’s expected. They stop short of committing because something is missing from the environment.

There’s a lack of unity of purpose.

In Pursuit of Deep Immersion

What we want as leaders is deep immersion from our team members. Yet, our systems, numbers, and approaches mainly generate transactional involvement.

Deep immersion doesn’t happen unless WE as leaders create the right conditions for the unity of purpose to emerge. This is the work of leadership.

Unity of Purpose is powerful. We feel it in our gut, and we give our hearts and minds to its’ pursuit along with our colleagues.

Unity of Purpose is powerful. It’s related to or fueled by vision, but to me, it’s tangible—it’s concrete while vision is foggy glass. You feel purpose at your core. Groups feel and live purpose. It’s the answer to “Why?”

Unity of Purpose leads to deep immersion at the individual and group levels.

Unity of Purpose Starts with You

Know your purpose as a manager or leader. If you can’t articulate your purpose to them, that’s a problem. They have to see and believe that you believe in the purpose.

Labor daily to create a working environment that is driven by hope and, yes, purpose…not fear.

Let them know they matter at the individual and team levels.

Show them how their work matters. This is the most crucial step of all. It’s not the numbers. It’s who they serve and how they help those they serve to solve problems and improve their lives and lots.

Make purpose part of every meeting, every process, and every update.

Coach to purpose.

Reinforce purpose in every decision.

Pick up the shovel and start digging so they know how essential the purpose is to you.

And when energy wanes as it always does, help them regroup and renew together around the unity of purpose.

The Bottom-Line for Now

Our best results, most significant achievements, and most fabulous creations are all an outcome of unity of purpose. It’s the work of the leader to uncover this remarkable power source and make it the answer to “Why?” for everyone.

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