It’s humbling.

I just sent a note of thanks to a client from last year who signed up for one of my new programs in early 2021. Her response floored me. “We received a bonus this year, and this seemed like a great way to use it.

Talk about motivation (and pressure!) to do an incredible job!

A Year of Growth Driven by Purpose

Last year was challenging for everyone, our team included. Yet, it was one of the most productive years personally and as a group. We launched a great number of on-demand and live-online programs. We hosted thousands via our free webinars. I published more articles than at any point in my career. And, we served more professionals in our programs than in any prior year.

It’s nice when the numbers work, but that’s missing the point. We create programs to help people achieve things they never thought possible in their careers. From first-time managers to senior executives, career reinventors, people navigating challenging conversations, or individuals working to level up, we strive to bring this purpose to life in everything we do.

Thank you to everyone who joined our programs, attended our webinars, and read our articles and newsletters! And a special thanks to my coaching clients! It’s an honor to serve all of you.

Shifting the Focus to Leveling Up in the New Year

I hope you’ll consider joining us in the new year to support your growth and development. As my client offered above, investing in yourself and your team members is a great thing to do. And, there’s something for every budget.

Here’s the short-list. You can click through the links to learn more. Feel free to reach back to me with any questions.

Help Your Aspiring New Managers Make an Informed Decision

What You Need to Know Before Day One as a New Manager

Our First-Time Manager Academy (live and online) is great for new managers, but there’s a gap in the market for those thinking of becoming managers. In two hours I share the realities of managing and specifics on what it takes to succeed with this difficult transition. Your aspiring managers will leave with clear context for the role and host of tools to help them make their final decision and then start successfully. Pick either 1/13 or 1/27 from 10 AM Central to Noon.  It’s a great stocking stuffer at $49.95. Learn More and Register.

Two Great Career Programs For You!

Level Up Career: Knocking Down the Personal Barriers that Get in the Way of Your Success

This is for any individual who knows there’s more they can do and achieve but wants some support knocking down the beliefs and behaviors holding them hostage. Built from my thousands of hours of coaching, this will be transformational. Four small-group sessions plus two one-on-one coaching sessions. Kicks off on 2/23.  $545 (early registration discount until 1/1): Learn More and Register

Career Reinvent Boot Camp

For any individual with experience, accumulated wisdom, and a strong sense that it’s time for “next” in your career, here’s where you will jump-start the process and set direction.

This is an eight-week intensive program blending facilitated small-group work with four one-on-one coaching sessions. The outcomes have been truly magical, and I’m happy to put you in touch with an alum.

Our next cohort starts on January 6. We’re almost full and are considering a second cohort. Early registration is $995. The price on 1/1 goes to $1,295. Learn More and Register or send me a note for an exploratory call.

An All-New Communication Program:

Strategic Message Design for High-Stakes Communication Situations

If you’re regularly involved in presenting to boards, pitching to investors, asking for resources, presenting business cases, or communicating strategies, change initiatives, and other essential messages, this is the most important 3 hours of communication training of your career.

I honed this technique leading a software firm from turn-around to market leader and a successful sale to one of the world’s largest software firms, and I’ve taught it to hundreds of clients who have used strategic message design to great effect.

Come prepared to work, and you’ll leave with a tool and technique that will you carry you for a career. Pick either 1/12 or 2/9 for three hours. $247 with an early registration price of $187. Learn More and Register.

Coming Soon!

Early in the new year, we’ll be announcing dates for our next Experienced Manager, Challenging Conversations, and Influence live-online sessions. Also, we have an all-new Challenging Workplace Situations program under development.

If you have questions or want to discuss a focused session for your team, drop me a note.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pursue our purpose.

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