Are You an Aspiring Manager? Are You Responsible for New Manager Development?

If you are thinking of making the move to managing (or, if you have a team member considering this move), What You Need to Know Before Day One as a New Manager is a must-attend!

I’m running this program two times in January (1/13/21 and 1/27/21) for two hours starting at 10 AM Central. This is the same program I run for corporate clients with active new manager development pipelines and I’m thrilled to bring it to a public forum at a very low cost of just $49.95 per participant.

 New Manager Development Starts Before the Promotion

In this interactive program, I help aspiring new managers to learn about the realities of this challenging role and offer tips for success if they choose to move forward.

While we mostly think about new manager development after the promotion, in my experience developing thousands of new managers across all sectors, the real work starts when someone raises their hand and says, “I think I want to mange.”

This program fills a gap in the market for practical, real-world context for the challenges of moving to the role of manager. Given the failure rate of more than 50% for new managers during their first twelve months, it makes sense to start the work before the promotion.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The stark differences between contributor and manager
  • Why what made you successful before doesn’t apply in this role
  • How to work with your boss to prepare for this role 
  • Where and why so many first-time managers fail during their first 100 days.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that trip and trap too many new managers
  • What successful new managers get right
  • Making that go/no go decision (contributor or manager)
  • How to prepare in the weeks leading up to day one
  • How to gain additional informal experience if you’re not quite sure
  • The skills you will need to focus on developing once you decide to take the plunge
This may be the most important two-hours you or your aspiring new manager will spend prior to committing to managing. At just $49.95 per participant, it may be the best value you will find in professional development.