Join us for a great session on a career and leadership critical topic: strengthening as a listener. We’re live-online at 11:00 a.m. central on 5/21 with Fierce Listening: The Key to Leadership and Career Success. If you have a schedule conflict, we are sending the recording link to everyone who is registered for the session. 

During the past few years, I’ve become obsessed with the topic of helping professionals strengthen as listeners. It turns out; there’s nothing you can do that has a more positive impact on your professional (and personal) work than strengthen your listening skills. Whether you are a leader or contributor, great listening skills are essential for success in our noisy, challenging world.

Listening Shows Respect and Builds Trust

Genuinely and deeply listening to someone is a high-form of showing respect. I checked, and respect begets trust, and trust catalyzes performance. One researcher compared the emotion we feel when someone focuses and listens to us to something that feels like falling in love.

While “love” might be on your mind in today’s virtual workplace, comprehension must be. Whether your issue is about surviving or thriving, neither are possible unless your people can navigate the discussion-to-decision cycle efficiently. You do that by listening to each other. Navigating the poor signal-to-noise ratio of virtual communications makes this even more challenging.

Free Professional Development Session to Help Develop Fierce Listening Skills

The great news is that developing as a great listener is within your reach. In a 50-minute session on 5/21 at 11:00 a.m. central, I will be joined by my Crushing It with Challenging Conversations course co-creator, Laura Bantz, in a free, live webinar, Fierce Listening: The Key to Leadership and Career Success, to share approaches you can use immediately in the workplace.

Join us, dial-up your listening IQ, and use the approaches in great personal, team, and firm performance.

You can register here. The recording link will be sent to all registrants.

Hope to see you in the session!

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