Words matter! We all know this, yet for many, there’s room to strengthen how we present and project ourselves in our daily exchanges with colleagues, team members, and bosses.

In this episode of the Leadership and Management Book Talk Podcast, Wally Bock and I share our favorite resources for strengthening communication skills. Along the way, we have some fun, which of course is one of the reasons we love creating this podcast so much! Enjoy, and remember, you’ll go as far as you can communicate. 

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Show Notes:

Art and Wally share how they approach the world of communication and communication development. (:30)

Wally throws a curve-ball at Art (one of many) and then Art leads off by describing his triple-headed communication power pack of books. (2:05)

Art shares (and defends) his suggestion for book #1 in his triple-headed communication power pack: Phil M. Jones, Exactly What to Say (3:30) It’s light, fast, and gets you thinking about subtle shifts in how you communicate to gain improved results. 

Wally offers why even the “gimmicky” sounding wording changes can make a huge difference in the response (5:00)

Wally shares his first pick: The Ten Stories Great Leaders Tell by Paul Smith (6:15) Check out Wally’s detailed review of this book.

We segue accidentally into Joseph Campbell’s A Hero of A Thousand Faces and Wally provides his perspective on The Hero’s Journey. For Wally’s article, How to Tell Stories to Your Kids or Customers.

Art shares his views on one of his favorite books that just happens to be communication focused: Just Listen: Discover the Secrets to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Dr. Mark Goulston (10:50)

The third book in Art’s triple-headed communication power pack is: Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Effectiveness by Dr. Nick Morgan (14:00)

Art describes Dr. Morgan’s 7 Power Cues. (16:30) and shares why it’s his favorite communication book of all.

Art makes the case for putting all three of his book suggestions on your professional  development bookshelf and creatively rebuts an objection from Wally(18:00)

Wally throws yet another curveball but brilliantly suggests and supports his recommendation for The Platinum Rule: Discover the Four Basic Business Personalities and How They Can Lead You to Success by Tony Allesandra Ph.D. and Michael J. O’Connor Ph.D. (19:30)

Wally offers some suggestions related to The Platinum Rule. (23:30)

Art highlights his next read in this field: Radical Candor by Kim Scott.

Art brings us home with an anecdote from earlier in his career that influenced his focus on striving to develop as a communicator (25:00)

Check out Wally’s Goodreads reviews for insights on these and many other books.