Leadership Power-Up #2—Prepare Your Attitude Daily

A Leadership Power-Up is a positive action you take to strengthen your energy, enthusiasm, and resolve for the hard work of guiding and developing others while driving results.

My all-time favorite approach for creating daily success as a leader came from a participant in one of my workshops.

I noticed every morning when I pulled in to the firm’s parking garage that she was sitting in her car, seemingly deep in thought. On the third day of the program, I asked the group what they did to set the stage for a successful day, and she immediately raised her hand.

“I take five minutes every morning before I walk through the doors to push out the stressors from yesterday and life’s headaches from this morning. Instead, I focus on how I am going to create success with every single encounter today. I envision myself driving home, confident that I focused on everyone’s issues and left every person and every situation better off than when I found it.”

When I asked the follow-on question of how it had worked for her, her response was priceless:

“Since I started doing this, I am told I am a better manager, and I feel it. I also believe my mental exercise helps me navigate the unexpected items that creep into every day. I have yet to have a perfect day where I I succeed at every encounter, but I know that my batting average has improved significantly.”

All of us learned two powerful lessons from this individual.

  1. Create success one encounter at a time.
  2. Take a few moments before you start your day to lock in a vision on how you are going to win the day.

Five minutes for a successful day is a great trade.

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