A Great Product Manager

Someone asked me about the importance of product management in my prior tech businesses. My answer was blunt. Great product managers see beyond customer requirements to the often unspoken needs, and they move organizational mountains to fill those needs.

If you’ve ever worked around, for or with a great product manager, you know this to be true. I’ve worked with a few who live up to this lofty description. Without them, there would have been less success. Maybe no success.

For those of you who aspire to follow in their very big footsteps, you need to think bigger about your role…about your cause. Learn to lead across boundaries…quit staring at your competitors so much and climb into the businesses of your customers, until you can feel their stress and pain and see their opportunities. And then do something about it.

A great product manager is a difference maker.

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Art Petty is a coach, speaker and workshop presenter focusing on helping professionals and organizations learn to survive and thrive in an era of change. When he is not speaking, Art serves senior executives, business owners and high potential professionals as a coach and strategy advisor. Additionally, Art’s books are widely used in leadership development programs. To learn more or discuss a challenge, contact Art.


  1. Tina Del Buono May 24, 2012 at 8:23 pm - Reply

    Hi Art, good post and points. I really liked “learn to lead across boundaries” what a great saying. I hope you enjoy your evening.

  2. Vivek Vijayan May 25, 2012 at 9:41 am - Reply

    A great Product Manager also owns the gaps as written by Abhay Mathur http://productmantra.net/2012/04/30/product-mantra-the-ball-is-in-my-court/
    A great product manager makes progress and is the master of an orchestra. Does not complain.

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