One of my favorite outcomes of blogging has been the opportunity to meet and learn from some really sharp people that share a passion for many of the same topics that I write about: leadership excellence, high performance and personal and professional development.  

One particular blogger regularly points out that there are millions of blogs out there and most of them bad. I’m not quite as judgmental.  I prefer to treat the blogosphere like I do a bookstore.  There are many, many books that I have no interest in ever reading, but I know that somewhere on the shelves are a few works that will move and transform me. 

Consistent with my desire to hunt for great new books, I’ve been seeking out new (to me) writers on topics that are relevant to anyone engaged in working with and leading others or focused on developing themselves.  I plan on sharing these posts and authors with you from time to time, just like I would a great new book or a newly discovered writer.  Oh, and don’t be surprised when some of the writers focus on topics