Legacy Beliefs—The Ties that Bind

Legacy beliefs exert a powerful force in our organizations and in our own lives. When those beliefs no longer match the external reality, our personal and business strategies come crashing down. Yet some leaders and professionals find a way to break away from the ties that bind.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Experience Cuts Both Ways

When we overweight the value of experience in hiring situations or in navigating strategy, we increase our risk of failure. The challenge we face as leaders and managers is to imbue ourselves and our cultures with a sense of curiosity and the means and confidence to experiment.

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Reorganization B.S.

Structure is a powerful management tool when developed carefully and focused on aligning your team's superpowers with the big opportunities.

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Art’s Leadership & Management Writing for the Week Ending 1/16/16

For this week, I served up articles on avoiding a leadership meltdown, succeeding with your first presentation to executives, conducting difficult conversations, achieving your leadership goals this year and wrapping your brain around the concepts and vocabulary of strategy. Enjoy the articles and use them in great leadership, management and career health!

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Yahoo Misfires—Don’t Let this Happen to Your Firm

Yahoo—a name left over from the boom and bust period of the dot.com world—has somehow managed to limp along in a world where many struggle to understand its value proposition. According to a recent article in Forbes, the exodus of talent and the frustration found in much of the remaining workforce has much to do with the lack of clarity around strategy and direction.

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