Art of Managing—Is Your Success Placing You on a Glide Path to Oblivion?

Good to great near-term numbers have lured many a management team into focusing on the near-term at the expense of their firm's long-term health. Assuming that prior and current success will continue uninterrupted is a sure-fire way to place your company on a glide path to oblivion.While it's counter-intuitive to think that good results are potentially unhealthy, consider using these 6 questions with your management team to jump-start a discussion about your organization's future health:

Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast #10: Geoffrey Moore on Escape Velocity

Organizations of all sizes and types, from high tech to manufacturing and not-for-profit, struggle with a common to escape the pull of the past as they look forward into a fast-changing and very different world. Geoffrey A. Moore, the renowned high-tech strategist and author, perhaps best known for his book, Crossing the Chasm, a guide to helping firms move from early adopters across this fateful and often fatal canyon, is back with his latest book, Escape Velocity-Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past. In the book, Moore tackles this tough topic of moving beyond successes of the past towards new generations of offerings and growth.

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