A good number of my professional coaching discussions are much about helping individuals recognize they have the power and the permission to put their ideas to work.

Many people have a solid sense of what needs to be done but lack the self-confidence to turn their ideas into actions. They stall, waiting for the perfect answer to emerge and for all of the obstacles to dissolve and be replaced by perfect certainty. And they remain waiting while the world spins by offering little added evidence to support their decision.

Many people have a solid sense of what needs to be done but lack the self-confidence to turn their ideas into actions Click To Tweet

Where We Hesitate:

  • Top leaders struggle with strategy paralysis induced by rapid external change. The old ways no longer work like they used to and the new ways are foreign and filled with risk. Of course, doing nothing is the riskiest of choices.
  • Individuals hesitate to share their ideas for fear of being viewed negatively or found to be wrong at some point.
  • Managers struggle to do what they know is right and purge the toxic members from their teams. The system is set up to avoid these moments and protect against liabilities and they fear reprisal.
  • Others strive to do too many things for fear of having to make a decision that excludes something that might be right.
  • Senior leaders fail to stop their own failed initiatives and continue to pour good money after bad rather than letting the world know they were wrong.

Starting Today, Give Yourself Permission To:

  • Take an action knowing that the outcome is uncertain.
  • Make a decision to focus in spite of the temptation and pressure to do the opposite.
  • Admit you made a mistake.
  • Initiate a course of action on a principled issue in spite of the forces standing in your way.
  • Learn by doing.
  • Avoid being drawn into the black hole of negativity that swirls around so many of us.
  • Learn from others.
  • Stop fearing.
  • Laugh at yourself.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

Life is a series of actions and experiments in pursuit of wisdom. But first, you’ve got to give yourself permission to experience it.

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