During the past few years, my speaking and workshop programs have expanded tremendously as an outgrowth of my management and leadership writing. The opportunity to share ideas with great teams, firms and emerging leaders is exhilarating and the honor of sharing ideas on thriving in our firms and careers a bit humbling. I take my responsibility to deliver a program that promotes positive actions and outcomes for you very seriously.

The outcomes below are extracted from actual client feedback in post-session surveys, with some value-added context from myself. And, I may have interjected just a bit of fun into the outcomes!

Whether it is your company meeting, a midyear kickoff or your management or project team meeting, I want to join you in catalyzing a revolution of positive change and sustained professional growth!

The Top 10 Outcomes from an Art Petty Live Event:

  1. No one will have to go to the emergency room because I convinced them to walk over hot coals. (Gimmicks don’t teach or inspire change.)
  2. Your boss will say, “Wow, I thought he was just the writer of all of the those blog posts you keep forwarding to us.” (I write a great deal, but working with live groups is the best way I know to help promote change for the better.)
  3. Some percentage of the audience will wonder how much caffeine I actually consume. (My speaking coach struggles to keep me locked in one place and my gesturing under control. I am passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations transform and succeed!)
  4. Everyone in the room will have at least one Ah-Ha moment about something they can do to strengthen their own performance in their jobs. (It takes “Just One Thing” to make a profound difference in the performance and careers of an individual. I aspire to deliver at least one for every person in the room.)
  5. A percentage of your audience will squirm in their seats just a bit over the recognition that they are leaving performance and their professional development on the table. (Recognizing that you have to work harder is always uncomfortable.)
  6. No one will accuse you of hiring a speaker that hasn’t walked the walk. (I learned by doing—by striving, occasionally failing and always ultimately succeeding in building great teams and great business in software and technology.)
  7. Everyone will feel engaged, involved, and respected during our highly interactive session. (I am not a talking head! Our session will draw you and your team members in to the critical thinking and idea development.)
  8. Your team members will leave this session energized and armed with practical ideas to apply immediately in the workplace. (Everything I write and speak about is intended for immediate application in improving a personal, team or organizational situation. Theory collides with pragmatism and practical guidance wins the day!)
  9. People will remark to you later: “He didn’t preach at us, he helped us think about our challenges, opportunities and approaches in new ways.” (As a wise person once offered, I cannot teach you something, I can only teach you to think. The difference is profoundly important. )
  10. Every single person will think just a little bit differently about their ability to influence the success of the team and firm when they walk out of the room. (It’s your job to give them room to run. I will stimulate the thinking and ideas. Be prepared for a lot of people running to turn ideas into actions.)

All that and more, when we work together to help you rock your next team, company or industry event!

Art’s Emerging Leader and Management Programs (relevant for keynote or extended workshop formats):

  • Level-Up—Leadership, Team, Self
  • Rethinking Leadership: In Search of Myoshu (Brilliant and Unexpected!)
  • Level-Up Organization: Approaches and Behaviors that Promote Change
  • Building High Performance Teams One Encounter at a Time (Project Leadership)
  • Leading in Dangerous Situations
  • Great Decision-Making—Building the the Future One Decision at a Time

I always tailor the material for your particular situation. Let’s connect to talk about your challenges and how to set the stage for a fantastic outcome with your next event!

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