goodnewsbadnewssmallThe work this week ranged from mentoring first-time managers, and building trust on your team to thoughts on building accountability, turning stress into performance and leveraging the insights of those brilliant management thinkers, the videogame designers.


A Few Thoughts on the Week Just Past:

While the cessation of serving cookies daily at (as reported in the WSJ) hardly counts as big news, one cannot help but feel just a twinge of pain for the suddenly sugar and carb deprived citizens of this firm dedicated to letting people tell it like it is or as it was with past and present employers. Nonetheless, the cookies are gone. And while aging rock musicians everywhere breathed a sigh of relief as they navigated the week still breathing, we did lose Supreme Court Justice Scalia, a vocal voice in those chambers for almost 30 years.

The political environment continued to unfold like a multi-car crash in an ice-storm on the Pennsylvania turnpike. One candidate took on the Pope, while most of the candidates worked hard to describe why their opponents are morally unfit to hold the office of president. The softer, gentler side of one candidate is increasingly visible as Ohio Governor, John Kasich, hugs his way through the electorate.

Your retirement funds rebounded a bit with a rare positive week in the markets. Meanwhile, Britain debates over whether to “Brexit” the EU and bankers and borrowers everywhere contemplate the meaning and potential impact of negative interest rates in a world with nearly free oil.

Interesting times indeed.

Have a great weekend!

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