Note from Art: today’s post is promotional in nature. Back to our regularly scheduled programming soon!

Professional Development Sprints: Practical, powerful coaching guidance and skills development plus a series of activities to apply immediately in the workplace, delivered on-line in 4 modules of 15 minutes or less.  Review the programs as often as you desire during the 30-day subscription period, and use the suggestions in the downloadable Action Guide to keep on improving beyond the program.

Cost: $100.  Return: Your professional development-priceless!

You Own Your Professional Development:

Long-time readers, customers (training and coaching) and my many management students well understand my conviction that you need to own your professional development over the course of your career. If you don’t take care of it, no one will.   In this era of rapid change, ignoring your own development is a subscription to becoming global road kill.

You’ve got to take care of yourself!

Wanted in Professional Development-Convenience, Accessibility, Practicality and Cost-Effectiveness:

In the spirit of Peter Drucker’s classic article, “Managing Oneself,” I’m consistently asked by motivated professionals on guidance for continuing professional development beyond the classroom, training room or coaching engagement.  I happily offer my ideas, from books to blogs to actions over time, and for some that’s fine. For others however, I appreciate that they’ve asked for something that goes beyond good reading, but doesn’t demand the time or cost of formal training or coaching.

Based on client demand for tools that energize and help sustain professional development in a convenient (translation: on-demand), practical and low cost way, I’m pleased to introduce my latest Building Better Leaders offering: Professional Development Sprints. 

What a Professional Development Sprint Offers:

  • On-demand access to Art (30 days per sprint). Listen/watch for 15 minutes and apply immediately.
  • Skills development…exposure to new tools and approaches to solve problems
  • Real world examples and experiences
  • High Intensity encouragement and a bit of professional prodding from Art to get it in gear and start applying the concepts.
  • Ideas/activities to put the new tools into play immediately!
  • Actions to support your development beyond the program.
  • Ideas and motivation to jump-start or sustain a professional development program.

What It’s Not:

  • They’re not outrageously pretty….just practical and filled with ideas, examples, approaches and tools.
  • They’re not a full blown substitute for in-depth skills training or comprehensive coaching

The First Sprint-Learning to Deliver Constructive Feedback with Confidence.  

In slightly less than 60-minutes, I work with you to:

  • identify and overcome fears/barriers to delivering feedback
  • Identify and explain the 6 “must have” components for every constructive feedback discussion
  • Teach you the importance of ensuring that your feedback is both behavioral in nature and must have a business rationale at its core.
  • Offer you a process for properly planning and then delivering the toughest of discussions.
  • Offer you a number of ideas to apply the concepts in each module in the workplace…and on how to sustain your on-going development and mastery of the art of delivering constructive feedback.

Your Return on Investment:

  • Improved personal performance as a leader
  • Increased confidence for tackling the important and difficult conversations
  • Improved performance of your team members
  • Improved unit and firm performance
  • The increased respect for you from your team members…good professionals want and need feedback
  • Confidence begets more confidence.

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse:

The first 10 registrants will receive free, signed copies of my forthcoming book: “Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development” (expected publication: September, 2011)

But Wait, There’s More:

OK, actually, that’s it for the offers. However, alumni gain a 20% discount on future Sprints. And for you Managers, Trainers and HR Pros, please know that group rates are available. Drop me a note to discuss your needs. 

Future Sprints:

  • Next: Improving Your Decision Making Effectiveness
  • And then: Getting Started Successfully with Your New Team
  • And right after that: For Experienced Leaders: How to Re-energize and Strengthen Your Leadership Approach and Results.
  • Future Sprints based on your input.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

There’s no one magical approach to developing yourself, other than investing the time and deliberately striving to learn, improve and grow. I’m excited for my clients to offer one approach that will help energize and sustain any professional’s development efforts. The on-demand convenience and low-cost access are frosting on the cake. I’m looking forward to serving you in our first and in many more Professional Development Sprints to come.