Every Friday on Twitter there’s an informal and fun custom to identify those individuals whom you appreciate, and then encourage others to follow their tweets and blogs.

This #FollowFriday  or #FF  is both fun and heart-warming.  It’s great to showcase the skills of others and it’s a nice way to find others to follow.  It is of course, humbling and gratifying when people you hold in high regard encourage others to follow you as well.

(Sidenote: Imagine what the workplace might be like if every Friday, people walked around offering their thanks and encouragement for your efforts. Hmmmm.)

My only challenge with the #FF process is the inability in 140 characters to share why some people are so remarkable and worth paying attention to on a regular basis. Consider this my long form of the #FF convention.

Mom Was Right! (Mom is always right):

I most enjoy connecting with individuals who motivate, inspire, encourage, challenge and generally push us to think and act in ways that make us better as professionals and as human beings. Mom’s old advice of picking the right crowd to hang around with, was spot on.

I thought it might be nice to share a few thoughts beyond 140 characters from time-to-time about some remarkable individuals worth following. I look forward to continuing this process and helping us all live Mom’s advice!

Erin Schreyer

I met Erin Schreyer for the first time on the phone just this week, although I’ve long been a regular reader of her blog and an admirer of her efforts to promote character-based leadership.

Talking with Erin was a lot like receiving a massive infusion of energy, enthusiasm and “can do” positive encouragement.

From her commitment to serving her clients to her passion for and success in spearheading the evolution of the LinkedIn Group (Authentic Leadership Cincinnati) into an active, formal non-profit organization and community, she is truly remarkable.  Her skills and gifts as a professional are enhanced all the more by her genuineness and humility.

Erin’s great and thoughtful blog posts offer encouragement and guidance, and her work to spread the practice of character-based, authentic leadership, truly helps make the world a better place.

You’ll find Erin on Twitter at: @ErinSchreyer

Mary Jo Asmus

Regular readers of my blog know my regard for Mary Jo Asmus. She’s a remarkable coach and writer who shares insights and guidance that make us better people and stronger professionals.

Mary Jo and I have collaborated on a number of blog posts, and from time-to-time, we’re able to get planets and schedules to align and catch-up on the phone.  I’ve yet to come away from a conversation with Mary Jo where I didn’t benefit from her wisdom, and find myself practically exhausted from smiling and laughing from the beginning to the end of our conversation.

From her “Thoughtful Thursday” posts offering inspirational quotes and compelling questions to her always strong content on dealing with the challenges of leading and of developing ourselves, spending time on Mary Jo’s blog is a great habit to adopt!

After you get to know her through her writing, you’ll quickly understand why she’s such a successful person and in-demand coach!

You’ll find Mary Jo on Twitter at: @mjasmus

The Bottom-Line for Now:

Surround yourself with great people, read great and challenging content, and work hard to improve your own habits and practices, and you’ll find yourself in a good place.  Both Erin and Mary Jo are great places to start!