After wrapping up some business today, I plan on moving quickly into family mode. Rumor has it that I’m in charge of cookie decorations this afternoon and present deliveries tomorrow.

Beyond the Christmas holiday and family events, I’m taking my sons and friend on a trip north to the frozen tundra (it’s not really frozen thanks to new technology) of Lambeau Field for a Packers game, and there’s rumors of a trip to the lake house.

I will be taking some time away from my regular leadership and management blogging through the holidays to celebrate with family and to focus on pushing through the editing phase of my next book, Leadership CaffeineInspiration for Leaders and Professionals who Believe Good Isn’t Good Enough. (And yes, I’m still futzing with the subtitle…ideas welcomed!).

I’ve also got a stack of books supplied by various public relations specialists that I’ve promised to review, so stay tuned for a number of new Management Excellence Book Reviews as we move into 2011.

Last and not least, I’m working through some ideas to mix up my blogging approach a bit in the new year. I plan on changing my content mix a bit and I’m planning on testing the waters with a fictional leadership fable that I will serialize and run through the year.

I’ll be back with my formal holiday wish on December 24th, a daily “Best of” link to one of my earlier 508 posts and a New Year’s message as we approach our annual resetting of the calendar. Now, I sure hope that we have an extra supply of red and green sprinkles for the sugar cookies. And maybe, just maybe, I can talk my family into making those Raspberry Frills that Mom used to make.

Back tomorrow with my holiday wishes!