My Guest Post at Lead Change:

I confess to focusing a great deal recently on the future of leadership. This was evident in my guest post, “The Great and Perilous Leadership Journey Ahead,”at Tanveer Naseer’s site, and in today’s essay, “Leadership Guidance for Our Children.” at the Lead Change site.

The momentary pre-occupation with a future view on leaders and leadership development is driven in part by watching my sons grow up into responsible young men in front of my eyes, as well as from the insights and lessons shared of a number of early career leaders via workshops and classroom settings.

If you’re responsible for the development of others, you’ve got a big job in front of you. Let’s all get it right and we can contribute in our own way to improving the odds for those coming up behind us.

Speaking of Leading Change:

There’s a fascinating new group that is gaining critical mass, called Lead Change. I’m proud to be a participant in the process and to be allied with some of the sharpest and most dedicated leadership professionals (coaches, consultants, writers and those just passionate about the topic).

Lead Change brings together professionals from all walks of life dedicated to the proposition of extending, teaching and reinforcing Character Based Leadership. Without being preachy, this is a group of professionals that stand for The Right Stuff in leading and in developing talent.

The initiative, facilitated by Mike Henry Sr. (@mikehenrysr on twitter)  is spreading and growing. Check out the site, subscribe to the blogs and consider and check out the ways that Mike and team have created for you to get involved and start the networking on character-based leadership.

Happiness, Kind of, Is a Completed First Draft of My Next Book!

The “kind of” part is an acknowledgement that there are some painful, soul-searching hours of tough editing ahead on my latest book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Stimulate Success and Help You Kick A** in Your Career. (OK, the Kick A** part may not make the final cut, but it reflects the passion I have for helping people get an edge.)

Stay tuned for tasteful updates, snippets of the content, and what I expect to be a fun and exciting build-up to the targeted March or April publication.

Oh, and since I’m future oriented, for my next effort, I plan on extending my e-book, Leadership and the Project Manager into a full book, complete with a lot of new content and case studies. The e-book form has been downloaded many thousands of times, and this issue of managing without formal authority, while owning the results for major projects is one that merits a lot more attention. However, one thing at a time. Sort of.

Many, Many New and Great Resource Links on the Sidebar..More New Content Coming:

One of my favorite ways of discovering great thought leaders and inspirational writers is to mine the links/blogroll sections of writers that I enjoy.

It’s funny how sharp and interesting people tend to find other sharp and interesting people to recommend. While stopping short of describing myself as either sharp or interesting, I can assure you that my Links list includes people you absolutely want to know.  I’ve refreshed the listing considerably and will be attacking my book recommendations and many others over the holidays.

If you know someone that you believe others would benefit from in the areas of management, leadership, marketing, drop me a note or leave a comment with your suggestion!

OK, it’s time to quit writing. I’ve got a son to retrieve from college for winter break. Back soon! -Art