REINVENT™ Career Coaching

It turns out, there are a great number of us at different stages of trying to figure out what’s next on our professional journeys. And that’s not an easy thing to do—especially without help.

I’ve talked with individuals who feel as if they’re stuck running on a career treadmill with no idea how to jump off and uncover something new, fresh, and invigorating.

Others describe having changed firms only to find out that the names were different but the problems identical.

And almost every person who reaches out to me shares how frustrating it is knowing they are marking time, not doing their best work, and wishing they could find a way to leverage the skills and wisdom they’ve garnered over the years.

Sound familiar?

  • Do you have an intense desire to make a significant change in your career? Not the “I need a new job kind of change,” but the “I need a new professional life,” type of major career change?
  • At the same time you are feeling this drive to transform, are you a bit overwhelmed by the idea of trying to figure this out?
  • Are you unclear on where or how you should start?
  • Are you fearful of getting started?

Many are looking for a guide to help them jump-start their work of career reinvention.

It’s a process. In technical terms, it’s a design process with a big problem to solve. It takes time, experimentation, and ample collaboration with someone motivated and experienced in the process.

This is where I come in.

REINVENT™ Your Career Coaching Program

In my Reinventing Your Career Encore Coaching Program,  I guide you through the process of designing and moving forward with career change.

The Reinvent(TM) Your Career program follows a six-step process that includes:

  • Determination: Is this truly the right next step for you?
  • Self-Recognition: Seeing your superpowers and impact through they eyes of others.
  • Exploration: Helping you uncover the sweet spot where your abilities meet interests and marketability.
  • Experimentation: Designing intelligent experiments to assess options and narrow choices.
  • Conditioning: Like fitness training, this involves personal and business planning and preparation for the transition.
  • Launching: Moving from experiment to venture.

Topics of focus include:

  • What you should expect on your journey of career reinvention: challenges, obstacles, and growth.
  • Jump-starting the reinvent process. Getting started is literally the hardest part.
  • What impact have I had on others and how does this tie to my superpowers?
  • Where’s the sweet spot of marketability meets superpower meets passion?
  • How might I approach and attack that sweet spot for maximum success?
  • How do I launch? Big Bang or lean and agile?
  • Surviving and sustaining for the uphill push.

The Coaching Process:

  • We work together at no charge over a minimum of two coaching sessions to determine if the REINVENT Coaching program is right for you and your situation. Once we’ve agreed to proceed, we initiate regular video coaching sessions (weekly or every-other-week based on your schedule) .
  • Determination focuses on defining your career challenge (the problem) and creating a high-level design plan to solve it.
  • Self-Discovery focuses on tuning in to your strengths (superpowers) and gaining perspective on circumstances where you are at your professional best. I provide exercises and templates for you to follow and we work together to assess and translate the outcomes.
  • Exploration involves looking at the broader universe of options and investigating them for fit with you and your situation. During this process we work together to narrow down the options to a manageable two to investigate in the Experimentation phase.
  • Experimentation typically involves primary research of the potential options. Some clients interview people in the field; others take-on part-time assignments to better understand the work. Everyone’s situation is different, so experiment design is tailored for your situation.
  • Conditioning starts once you’ve down-selected to a targeted new career. We build the strategy and business plan to take you from where you are today to this new career. (Many clients do significant business planning during this phase.)
  • Launch is akin to hitting the “go” button.

The program duration involves 4-months of active coaching and then on-going phone and e-mail support and regular check-ins as you move forward. If your situation is particularly involved, I’m happy to discuss coaching extensions at the time or a longer arrangement up-front.

While these programs involve time-investment and hard-work on your part, you have a partner and guide invested in and actively involved in the process.

If you’re ready to talk about reinventing your career, reach out to me for a discovery interview via e-mail or by phone at: 847.612.8420.

The Ideal Way to Jump-Start Your Career Reinvention:

For individuals looking to fast-track career invention, the focused, four-month REINVENT™ coaching program is the right choice.

For many others, a group option is a bit more cost-effective and provides more of a guided “work at your own pace” program.

I’ve helped professionals in software, engineering, government, manufacturing, consulting, higher-education, and retail make significant, positive changes in their careers.

Is it your time?

Drop me a note to talk about your situation and discuss the best way forward reinventing your career.

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What People Are Saying:

“I must also tell you that I get so inspired to go out and conquer what the world has to throw at me after working with you. Your willingness to share your ideas certainly has shown me why you have been successful in life.”

–Ken P.

“As I am sure you have heard countless times as a mentor and teacher your guidance today touched me and molded me in ways deeper than you’ll ever know or I am able to put into words”


Art is a catalyst — an inspirational, heart-filled substance that has helped me reorganize around an utterly new mindset of my skills, creativity, and superpower.  I trust Art with my ideas – no matter how undercooked – and he can illuminate possibilities, expose vulnerabilities, and offer next steps.  With his unique blend of hot-off-the-presses knowledge, hard-knocks experience, and sassy reassurance, Art is helping me dance into my future: to boldly go where I’ve been afraid to before.  -M.

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