How are February and March on Wednesday evenings for reinventing your career?

Join our next Career Reinvent Boot Camp Program

Registration for the early January cohort is closed. The new cohort kicks off on 2/17/21 at 6:30 p.m. central & runs for eight-consecutive Wednesday evenings.

The hardest part of reinventing your career is getting started. The next hardest part is finishing.

In the Career Reinvent Bootcamp, we push resistance out the door and help you jump-start this important and intensely personal journey.

From the eight two-hour cohort sessions (think: guided mastermind) to the four one-on-one coaching sessions, this program helps you cut through the noise and focus on finding your “next” in your career.

And because I preach and teach the importance of having an accountability partner in our lives, we keep in touch monthly after the program to keep you motivated and moving forward.

I don’t leave anyone stuck in the mud.


Bootcamp Overview—Next Cohort Kicks Off 2/17/21!

In eight 90-minute small group sessions (live-online) plus four one-on-one coaching sessions, I guide you through the REINVENT™ framework and help you develop a strategy that fits your life and career circumstances.

We work together to:

  • Help you focus on designing for “next” not forever
  • Work through three core exercises (superpowers, backstory, best-self) to gain important pointers to your future self
  • Kick-off your exploration of options with both divergent and convergent thinking
  • Help you narrow the options by imposing a filter that takes into account abilities (superpowers), interests, and marketability. (Without marketability, it’s just a hobby)
  • Show you how to design intelligent experiments to evaluate ideas
  • Help you establish the criteria for selecting your “next”
  • Help you assess whether a clean jump or parallel track is the right approach
  • Guide you on preparing to launch

This Program is For You If…

  • You’re frustrated in your career and are looking for something new beyond just a job change
  • You’re feeling burned-out on large organizational or institution life
  • It’s been on your mind for a while to do something different but you haven’t found the time to dig in
  • You’ve been successful and are motivated to shift where and how you deliver what you are great at
  • Your professional life has been uprooted by a major event and you want to make a change NOW

Program Includes Four One-on-One Coaching Sessions

The group sessions are highly interactive and filled with exercises and helpful breakouts! Past participants have described them as “A blend of mastermind and career therapy with fantastic people there to help you every week!” However, I include the coaching sessions in this Bootcamp program to make sure you are clear and focused on your approach and working on a gameplan to move forward. Each session runs 60-90 minutes with the focus on reviewing progress, brainstorming ideas, and ensuring you have clear steps backed by a project plan. And an Evergreen E-Learning Portal

As a Bootcamp participant, you have evergreen access to our e-learning portal where I upload the program materials, documents, and recordings.

Session Dates, Timing, and Investment

We meet as a group for 90-minutes over eight weeks beginning at 6:30 PM Central. Because many clients are busy with their day jobs, the evening sessions offer maximum flexibility. The next session dates are: 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 2/7. If you have to miss a session, I’m happy to schedule an additional one-on-one to help you catch-up with the group’s activities.

Your one-on-0ne coaching calls are typically scheduled during business hours.

$1,295 per participant. Payment options are available.

No One Reinvents Alone—Let’s Get Started on Creating “Next” in Your Career. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER