Crushing It with Challenging Conversations

This course is the most valuable communication training you will receive in your career.

Crushing It with Challenging Conversations is an online/on-demand(self-paced) course designed to help you design, develop, and deliver during challenging communication situations. We teach you how to navigate to the core of the issue, and design, deliver, and succeed with quick, easy to implement approaches.

You’ll learn:

  • How to deal effectively with extraordinarily difficult characters in the workplace, including micromanaging bosses
  • How to maintain control during tense, sudden workplace confrontations
  • How to design and deliver an effective feedback discussion
  • A technique to help plan your message so you can communicate it more effectively during meetings and presentations
  • How to positively get your way with new ideas and approaches that will set you apart in your career
  • How to become a great workplace communicator
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First Time Managers Academy

Everything you need to know to help you succeed wildly in your new role so that you can parlay your success into larger roles, bigger contributions, and of course, ongoing career success.

First Time Managers Academy is an online/on-demand (self-paced) course designed to help you strengthen the behaviors required for success, while avoiding the major missteps that derail too many well-intended new managers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • How to navigate the awkward start-up process with a new team
  • How to build credibility as a manager
  • How to manage a group for ever-improving results
  • How to navigate challenging coaching and one-on-one conversations
  • The best ways to develop employees
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The Beginner’s Course to Delivering Performance Feedback

The Beginner’s Course for Performance Feedback was created for every professional—manager or contributor—to help you strengthen as both receivers and givers of high quality constructive and positive feedback.

In this online/on-demand course, we help you:

  • Understand how your brain naturally responds to the idea of feedback and how to shift into the right mode to receive or deliver feedback.
  • How to improve as a receiver of feedback by strengthening listening and questioning skills.
  • How to design a high-quality feedback discussion.
  • How to deliver a high quality feedback discussion.

In addition to these core lessons, we include audio cases of good and poor quality feedback along with a Feedback Planning worksheet and sample practice cases. The course approach emphasizes learning plus practice, incorporating ample developmental actions for you to practice and apply in the workplace.

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