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Interview with Laura Macleod of From the Inside Out Project

By |2016-10-22T17:11:05-05:00December 1st, 2015|Leadership, Leadership Caffeine Podcast|

Welcome back to the Leadership Caffeine Podcast series! While the series took a hiatus for an extended period during my last venture, the idea of bringing fresh voices to the important topics of management and leadership is an unyielding objective of mine here at the Management Excellence blog. I’m excited to return to the series and kick-off with Laura MacLeod, founder and proprietor of From the Inside Out Project, a firm dedicated to smoothing communications and relations between hourly employees and management.

Coming Attractions at the Management Excellence Blog

By |2016-10-22T17:11:05-05:00November 30th, 2015|Career|

There's a lot of new and a fair amount of new and improved coming soon at the Management Excellence blog. From the return of the Leadership Caffeine podcast to the new and improved Leadership Caffeine e-News, the Holiday Book List and the 2016 Coaching Calls Series, I'm excited to support your professional development efforts with all of these vehicles!

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