Succeeding as a First-Time Manager requires preparation, training, dedication, and unyielding commitment in the face of adversity. It’s a role filled with unknowns. There are fears and then there are the big challenges in this new and very different role for you.

Are these common First-Time Manager fears top of mind for you?

  • I was a team member last week and now I’m the boss. I’m not sure how to deal with everyone in this new role.
  • I was great at my job before, but I’m not certain if my technical skills will be enough in this new role.
  • I am worried that no one will follow my direction.
  • I know that I will have to give criticism to my new team members from time to time, but who am I to criticize them?

I’ve worked with hundreds of First-Time Managers in coaching and workshop programs and what they’ve told me over and over again is that these 4 fears are very real and very debilitating.

Learning to vanquish those fears and learn new skills and behaviors are critical steps as a new leader. Sadly however, too many managers struggle to move beyond these issues, contributing to a horrifying statistic:

Unfortunately, almost 50% of all First-Time Managers flame-out in their first year. Often, they lack mentoring and support. The fears are bad enough, and then there are the 5 big challenges.

The Five Big Challenges Confronting New Managers:

  1. Navigating the awkward start-up process with a new team
  2. Building credibility as a manager
  3. Managing a group for ever-improving results
  4. Navigating challenging coaching and feedback conversations
  5. Developing employees

Yet, despite all these concerns and challenges, you absolutely want to succeed wildly so that you can parlay your success into larger roles, bigger contributions, and of course ongoing career success.

And that’s where I can help. 

Succeeding as a First-Time Manager Professional Development Program

In my Succeeding as a First-Time Manager program, I work with you over a series of webinars plus live, one-on-one mentoring to teach you the tools and approaches critical to surviving and thriving in this new role.

Topics of focus include:

  • Succeeding from the start—I outline a start-up approach that helps you connect with your new team members and begin building credibility from day one.
  • Building your leadership foundation on solid ground—I work with you to create your Leader’s Charter and define your core leadership values.
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls of new managers—We take on the Top 10 Mistakes of New Managers and identify strategies for avoiding or mitigating each one.
  • Building an effective working environment for your team—I share actionable approaches to forming and framing the working environment where everyone is motivated to do their best.
  • Managing for results—I share ideas on the operating approaches essential for you to drive continuously improving results.
  • Learning to succeed with challenging conversations—The manager’s daily life is filled with an endless series of challenging conversations, including delivering feedback and negotiating with peers and even your boss. I share approaches you can apply immediately to succeed in the most difficult of challenging conversations. 
  • Coaching and developing team member—I teach you the key questions and approaches critical for supporting the performance and growth of your team members.

The Program Includes:

  • 4 information packed webinars—all recorded for viewing on demand
  • Bonus webinar! “All the Advice I Wish I Would Have Heard as a New Manager!”
  • All slide/worksheet content from the webinars, including the Feedback Planning Worksheet.
  • A one-hour, one-on-one mentoring call with me
  • Unlimited e-mail access for Q/A
  • BONUS! A copy of my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development and a corresponding professional development plan worksheet to guide you through the next year.

Program Dates:

  • Tuesday, 1/16/18 at 11:00 a.m. central.
  • Tuesday, 1/30/18 at 11:00 a.m. central
  • Tuesday, 2/13/18 at 11:00 a.m. central
  • Tuesday, 2/27/18 11:00 a.m. central

All sessions are recorded and links distributed the same day as the live event, in case you have a schedule conflict.

You and I work together to identify a time-slot for your Jump-Start Mentoring Call during the program period.

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The Bonus Worksheet:

Effective Managers focus on feedback.

Sadly, most professionals have received very little or no training on how to deliver feedback. Many of us avoid delivering feedback for the tough discussions.

Our human fears (not being liked, fear of response, fear of upsetting people) coupled with our lack of training makes this tough for many.

When feedback is given, it is frequently watered-down or sugar-coated to the point where it is not clear whether someone is being praised or criticized.

Feedback is a major tripping point for everyone from first-time leaders to top executives. In my surveys, over 50% of the respondents indicate that delivering constructive feedback is their single biggest weakness.

Preparation is key to effective feedback discussions. As a bonus for joining the Succeeding as a First-Time Manager program, you’ll get my Feedback Planning Worksheet for FREE. You can use the worksheet that’s full of questions, reminders and tips to help prepare your discussions.

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Who Should Consider This Program?

This intensive First-Time Manager training is ideal for you if:

  • You are considering stepping into your first role as a supervisor or manager
  • You were recently promoted into the job
  • You’ve been at it for awhile and want some solid guidance
  • You want to both prove your competence and showcase that you care about your team and team members
  • You want ideas to help you survive and thrive on the often lonely and dangerous road with the jump from peer to boss
  • You want to grow comfortable delivering feedback
  • You want to build a high performance team environment
  • You do you not want to be one of the 50% who flame-out in this management role

High Value, Reasonable Investment:

I want to help guide you to success. My goal is to serve as that qualified guide to lead and guide you through the fog, around the fears and traps, and straight through to success with the big challenges everyone encounters in this role.

Along the way, you gain the benefit of my almost 3 decades of managing and leading and the input from hundreds of prior participants in my various programs and workshops.

However, webinar content isn’t enough. I said that I was going to help serve as a guide. To do that, program registrants have unlimited e-mail access to me for questions on program content or vexing management issues.

And then there’s the mentoring call! We spend an hour together on the phone talking about your situation and identifying opportunities and ideas you can put to work immediately to strengthen your performance. This mentoring option may be the most valuable part of the experience and it is included with your program. (My hourly rate outside this program for coaching is many times the investment for this entire program. This is a great value!)

All of the webinars are recorded in case your schedule conflicts with the live event. And of course, you can watch them over again, as well as review the downloadable slides and worksheets I reference during the events.

For this webinar series, I am offering the First-Time Manager program for just $297 per participant. Drop me a note for group pricing for 3 or more participants.

What People Are Saying:

“I must also tell you that I get so inspired to go out and conquer what the world has to throw at me after working with you. Your willingness to share your ideas certainly has shown me why you have been successful in life.”
–Ken P.

“As I am sure you have heard countless times as a mentor and teacher your guidance today touched me and molded me in ways deeper than you’ll ever know or I am able to put into words”

“Art uses his ample experience as an executive and a coach to bring the issues to life and offer ideas I can use immediately.”
–Barb H.

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