About the Program Creators/Instructors:

Art Petty is an executive and emerging leader coach and one of the foremost developers of management and leadership talent. Art was a long-time technology industry senior executive and has served as an MBA educator for many years. Art has written numerous leadership and management books and over 2,000 articles.

Anita Lauper Wood is a technology product strategy leader and marketer. With her expertise in education, problem-solving, and methods to deliver results, Anita energizes teams to ideate, execute, and learn more accurately and more quickly through workshops, courses, and coaching.  She aims to create growth and opportunity out of problems and to bring a global perspective to every situation. Anita is passionate about lifelong learning for both individuals and organizations as key to innovation and thrilled customers.

Experienced Manager Program

For managers and rising leaders striving to level up performance and grow their success!

The Experienced Manager Program is an 8-week program sprint for mid to senior-level managers who want to strengthen their personal and team performance. The program emphasizes personal development and how to translate this development into improved individual, group, and organizational performance.

Fall 2020 Session Registration Open


Powerful, actionable guidance delivered in six 90-minute working sessions + one-on-one coaching + e-learning to help you rethink your approach and help you grow the performance of your team and organization.

90-Minute Live Working Session Dates

  • 9/16/20 at 11 AM Central
  • 9/23/20 at 11 AM Central
  • 9/30/20 at 11 AM Central
  • 10/7/20 at 11 AM Central
  • 10/14/20 at 11 AM Central
  • 10/21/20 at 11 AM Central
  • Guest Speaker Dates To Be Announced

Note: all sessions recorded in case you have a schedule conflict.

Guest Speakers:

The remarkable Jennifer Crittenden, best selling author of numerous books, including You Not I, Exceptional Presence Through The Eyes of Others, The Discreet Guide for Executive Women: How to Work Well With Men and What’s a Guy to Do: How to Work Well With Women and others, as well as the host of The Discreet Guide Podcast joins the Experienced Manager Program to share her perspectives on developing your presence and navigating workplace challenges.

The inimitable Dan Markovitz, best selling author of The Conclusion Trap: Four Steps to Better Decisions, The Meritocracy Trap, and A Factory of One: Applying Lean Principles to Banish Waste and Improve Personal Performance, joins The Experienced Manager Program to help us all strengthen our decision-making skills!


The Experienced Manager Program-Live-Online blends virtual classroom training with one-on-one coaching and e-learning to help managers on-the-rise level up in their work and careers.

  • The live-online working sessions introduce key topics and encourage participants to think through the ideas and approaches in all-group and breakout discussions.
  • The coaching portion of the program is tailored to the individual and focused on adjusting or adopting behaviors to promote growth and high-performance.
  • Participants have evergreen access to an e-learning portal that includes resources, links, and content and tools on how to apply course concepts in the workplace and sustain long-term development.

What Participants Learn:

Wrapping Your Brain Around Your Level-Up Challenge

  • Why our organizations need us to think and manage differently
  • Our dual level-up challenge
  • Accelerating learning for ourselves and our teams
  • Your four core areas for focused development
  • Recruiting a Swim Buddy & Leveraging Power of Professional Journaling

Rethinking Leadership

  • Assessing your leadership baseline “You are here”
  • Sharpening your leadership point-of-view with a personal charter
  • Understanding what your team needs from you now
  • Hitting the Refresh or Restart button with your team
  • Strengthen your effectiveness as a developer of talent on your team

Teaching Your Teams to Think & Act Differently

  • Why your team needs to change the view and how to do it
  • Building an Idea Lab with your team
  • Stop debating and start parallel thinking/talking
  • What research tells us we’re doing wrong about ideation & how to improve

 How to Cultivate Influence

  • The facts of organizational life when it comes to power and politics
  • Why you need to grow  your power
  • How to cultivate a “Clean Power” approach
  • Learning to spot and seize gray-zone leadership opportunities by building coalitions

Developing Your Strategy Toolset

  • What to do when you get a seat at the strategy table
  • Three powerful strategy toolsets every leader must have in their toolkit
  • Translating strategy into action with your teams

Winning in Communication Moments that Make/Break Careers

  • Succeeding in challenging communication situations
  • Strategic message design for high-value situations
  • Delivering performance feedback/feed-forward that promotes results

Developing Yourself

  • Thinking differently about everything
  • Learn faster, constantly
  • Setting goals for yourself the right way

Registration and Pricing

Registration includes access to all sessions, including guest speakers, one-on-one coaching, and evergreen access to the program’s e-learning portal. Payment is via credit card


  • $695 per participant.
  • $595 per participant for groups of 3 or more (E-mail Art Petty for payment arrangements)

Questions: e-mail Art Petty at [email protected]


Payment in full ahead of the course start date is required for participation

Refunds are not available unless the program is canceled by Art Petty Group. However, if an individual experiences extenuating circumstances, a credit will be provided for a future cohort or other Art Petty programs, including coaching.