Leadership Caffeine™-Ideas to Energize

Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development. 

Slightly more than 80 essays on improving your effectiveness as a leader and professional! 

This book is designed to be your personal, portable, professional development coach.

Whether you are turning to just the right essay for ideas and inspiration during challenging times or, you are reading one per week, I guarantee there are ideas, approaches, tools and a few chuckles to lift your spirits, support your work and inspire you and your team members to new and greater levels of performance!

Leadership Caffeine is Ideal for: 

  • Motivated Professionals seeking a performance edge in their career
  • Leaders of all experience levels, including new, first-time leaders
  • Leadership Discussion Groups looking for rich, idea-prompting topics
  • Teams & Project Groups
  • Classrooms/Instructors seeking a practical and powerful way to talk about developing as a leader.


Perfect for any setting where you need diverse and compelling content to stimulate leadership and performance thinking! 

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Book Structure and Content:

The content consists of more than 80 individual essays–short reads where the focus is on ideas for leading, succeeding and problem-solving. The book’s sections include:

  • Developing Yourself
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Making Better Decisions
  • Surviving and Thriving in a Political Environment
  • Surviving the Tough Days
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Developing Leadership Agility
  • Leadership Advice with No Expiration Date
  • Pursuing Greatness as a Leader
  • The Lighter Side of Leadership Caffeine

Every essay incorporates an upfront context-builder, lists of ideas and best practices and a “Bottom Line for Now” perspective on the importance of the topic in your career.

Whether reading on a e-reader or in paperback, this book is intended to offer ideas and encouragement in less time than it takes to consume a cup of coffee! Dog-ear the pages, highlight the ideas, and use the notes function on your e-reader, and then take the ideas back into your workplace, and you’ll be using the book as it was intended!

Other Leadership Caffeine Offerings:

-Leadership Caffeine Podcast at iTunes, includes leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and authors all sharing their big ideas and best practices in a 20-30 minute episodes that you can consume on the run, on the road or at your desk.

Leadership Caffeine e-Newsletter: weekly sound-bites from Art on leading and succeeding. Practical news you can use immediately. (We guard your e-mail information ferociously!)

Leadership Caffeine Blog Posts: offering more ideas and energy to help you push forward and succeed.

Leadership Caffeine Keynotes and Workshops, ideal for groups, kick-offs, association meetings and groups looking for en extra boost of practical, powerful ideas to put to work immediately. (Contact Art to discuss your event.)

Coming Soon! Leadership Caffeine Audio Calls-subscription required: an opportunity to connect with Art once per month and talk about the issues, challenges and ideas to promote your success!

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