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It’s funny/odd to write a biography for yourself. We spend so much time doing things in our careers that we don’t often invest the time to take stock of the achievements, failures and lessons learned in the process. As a wise man and great friend constantly reminds me, “It’s all about the journey.” Here’s the short, hopefully painless version of my professional journey in a format that doesn’t sound like my p.r. firm wrote it.

  • I’ve had the great privilege of learning to lead and manage in some remarkable organizations, especially Panasonic, Pittway (now Honeywell) and Firstlogic (now part of SAP).
  • Panasonic taught me what it means to have strong foundational business principles.
  • Guiding the strategy marketing and sales of Postalsoft/Firstlogic from turnaround to market leadership in data quality was the level-up journey of a lifetime.
  • Building a market leading systems unit inside Panasonic provided the foundation experiences for everything I have accomplished since.
  • Every other firm and client I have worked with offered opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Leading is learned through practice and I am immensely grateful for the teams large and small that I have served and guided and learned from. They taught me what it truly means to lead.
  • Today, I coach teams and high potential professionals; speak on leadership, management and leveling-up, write prolifically on all things business and teach the next generation of leaders in my graduate and undergraduate work. When I consult, the focus is on strategy.
  • You can find my current writing at the Management Excellence blog or on The Balance where I serve as the management and leadership expert for these great people.
  • You can hear/see me on my Youtube channel.
  • By my own count, I have another six book ideas in me. You can find the current collection at my site.

Leadership & Management Speaker

Ready to push yourself and your firm to the next level? Let me help infuse your next team, company or association meeting with energy and practical guidance to help stimulate success! I love to deliver keynotes, workshops and webinars that provide the tools necessary to motivate positive change and improve individual and group performance.


In this speech, Art leads audiences through the insights, tools and behaviors critical for survival and success in today’s changing organizations and indeed in this changing world.
Audiences will learn through interactive exercises what unwritten skills and approaches they need to develop to survive and thrive inside today’s ever-shifting organizations.
In this speech, Art explores and explains the five essential Survival Skills that both employees and their organizations need to wield in the marketplace in order to stay ahead of the competition.  Audiences will learn practical tips through examples, cases, and scenarios they work through in order to speed up and focus organizational development and change.
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