Why We Hate Feedback—And How to Give and Get More of the Right Kind

Few of us relish being on the receiving end of constructive feedback. And many of us go out of our way to delay delivery of difficult feedback to colleagues or employees. To top it off, our brain is working against us on much of the processing around feedback. Yet, you can create incredible performance gains for yourself, your coworkers and your firm if you take control of your feedback universe. Here are eight ideas to help you get started:

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A Workplace Communication Fable with Three Great Lessons

Challenging workplace conversations and even confrontations are inevitable. The key is to be at your best when many might be at their worst. Learn to tie these three together—own your message, manage yourself in the moment, and practice positive persuasion—and you have a bright communication future in front of you.

When Proposing Change, Try Reducing the Threat Level First

Good managers work hard at pushing fear out of the workplace. Yet, even in the healthiest of organizations, fear’s close cousin, anxiety, worms its way into our consciousness and governs how we process and react to the idea of change and each other. Skilled change leaders in the workplace understand this human reaction to new and different ideas and work hard to reduce the threat level when proposing something new.

Stop Talking and Start Drawing to Create Communication Clarity at Work

When you're struggling to create clarity on an important topic or navigating a heated group discussion, it pays to stop talking and start drawing. This sudden shift in medium takes the negative energy out of discussion and focuses your audience on designing a way forward. Here are 7 tips to help you get to the whiteboard in pursuit of communication clarity:

Surviving and Thriving When Presenting to Executives

The invitation to present to your organization's senior executives is a pivotal career moment for many young professionals. Crush it (in a good way), and you make a name for yourself and show up on the radar screen as someone on the rise and worth watching. Stumble, and you make an impression as well, just not the one you wanted to make. This article outlines ten tips to help you crush it with this great career opportunity.

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Using Your Communication Superpowers to Overcome Workplace Blockers

Great workplace communicators are tuned-in to the power of their communication superpowers and they deliberately deploy them in pursuit of individual, team, and organizational success. In this article, I share four powerful communication tactics you can use to melt the resistance of workplace blockers and gain support for your initiatives.

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Three Communication Styles That Can Derail Your Career Progress

In any given workplace, there are a wide variety of communication styles on display. While the variation creates a rich environment for engaging and sharing ideas, there are a few styles and behaviors that get in the way of your communication and career success. If you or someone you know resemble one of the three styles: watchmaker, interruptor, or arguer, it's time to get help and adapt your communication style.

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