Is It Time to Become You at Your Best?

I talk with a great number of people who express interest in making a major shift in their careers. For many, it’s a fantasy that helps them navigate the tough days. For a few, reinventing themselves in their careers is a mission, and they’re looking for guidance and coaching to make it happen.

If you fall into the latter category and want to get started on your career makeover, here’s an exceptional limited time offer for a few individuals.

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60-Day Jumpstart on Your Career Makeover

I’m opening my Reinvent™ coaching program to a limited number of individuals (5) for a 60 Day Jump-start immersion. The goal is to help you create the foundation for a major career transition during 2020.

During this time we will work together to:

  • Nail down “purpose” at this stage of your career and identify different avenues for you to fulfill this purpose.
  • Gain a unique look at you and your accumulated wisdom and superpowers and ensure the options you are exploring leverage them.
  • Create and work-through an “Exploration” plan where you cast a wide net looking at options, ultimately narrowing down to one or two qualified prospects.
  • Find the “Sweet Spot” for you where interests, abilities, and marketability converge to identify a potentially viable next step.
  • Design a plan for you to prove out the idea before you decide to make a move.
  • Set-up a check-in process for you once the program period ends. (You always have e-mail access to me for support. That never expires.)

Why 60-Days?

I’ve coached dozens of individuals through their career transitions, and one finding is reinforced over and over again: individuals who create the right foundation through hard-work during the first 60-days sustain and ultimately succeed in making a career transition.

While you might not make a change for a year or more based on your planning and lifestyle needs, the work you do here with me in our sprint provides the foundation for your ultimate move.

This Coaching Program is Right for You If:

You’re motivated to finally make that change that allows you to pursue what you are great at on your terms.

You are an experienced individual motivated to parlay your accumulated wisdom and passion for your work into a new venture that both revives and challenges you.

You want to make a major sector change in your role—e.g., from government or higher education to the private sector.

You want to build something that has your fingerprints all over it.

You want to make a lifestyle change yet still keep working on your terms.

What This Coaching Program is Not:

If your primary need is to tune-up your resume and make a like-kind job shift, this is not the right place for you. Our focus is on helping you architect a major career makeover.

The Details:

We connect on an advance call to discuss the program and make sure the situation is right for both of us.

We make payment arrangements for the $995 coaching fee (20% of my longer-term program fee.)

We build a project plan; establish contact timing (unlimited) and go!

The program is limited to 5 individuals at this time.

How to Get Started on Your Career Makeover Journey

Drop me a note and suggest some times to connect on a phone or video call. I’ll answer your questions, and we can decide together if this is right for you.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

The decision to reinvent yourself in your career is a big one. It’s a challenging process filled with opportunities to experiment, learn, and grow. The ultimate goal is to become yourself at your best for this next stage of your career. It helps to have a committed guide! That’s me. If a career makeover is on your mind, let’s talk.

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