On the heels of my recent article, It’s Time to Learn to Love Challenging Conversations, I’m excited to offer a free webinar, “The Six Conversations You Must Master at Work to Succeed.

Webinar: 5 Big Things and 6 Bigger Conversations:

The webinar is running at multiple times over the upcoming week, so pick the session that works for you.

Here’s what you will gain from this event:

  1. Why learning to succeed with challenging conversations is critical to your career success.
  2. The six workplace conversations we all need to learn to master—challenges and approaches to master each.
  3. Where and why we struggle delivering performance feedback and some tips to get it right.
  4. Why practically every workplace conversation is a negotiation, including a case study illustrating how to structure these discussions.
  5. And because negotiation conversations are so critical in the workplace…How to properly prepare and engage in workplace negotiations.

It’s a solid hour of pure content, tips and approaches. And yes, there’s a very brief pitch at the end for the professional development program: Learning to Succeed with Challenging Conversations which kicks-off on 1/25.

The Importance of Succeeding with Challenging Convesrations:

I was the beneficiary of an early career mentor who repeatedly told me, “You will go as far as you are able to communicate.

I had no idea at the time the impact this mentor’s words would have on my career. It was almost a decade later and a few thousand feedback and coaching conversations and attempts to wrangle resources to build our businesses, when I connected the dots.

In subsequent years, I attributed success in dealing and guiding change and strategy as well as developing new managers and leaders to the guidance from my earlier mentor. He was absolutely, spot-on correct!

And now, I’m paying it forward.

Challenging conversations are where we mine the gold! Click To Tweet

Each week, I engage with 20 or more coaching clients in individual and group formats. Without fail, every conversation includes time discussing strategy and approaches for an upcoming challenging conversation.

Challenging conversations are where we mine the gold!

Everyone struggles with the idea of the challenging conversations. The solution is to develop the approaches and apply the tools that help take the fear out and improve the odds of constructive, productive dialog.

Navigated properly, these discussions promote learning, growth, and contribute to problem-solving and innovation. Ignored, they leave money and performance on the table.

Are You Leaving Money and Performance on the Table?

And while most managers and leaders intuitively understand how important these conversations are, they either delay, dodge or struggle to conduct them.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from a former CEO when I asked him if he could do his career over, what would he change. His answer: “I’ve always wondered how much money and performance I left on the table because I didn’t learn to tackle the tough discussions. If I could do it over again, I would fix this.

It’s part of my mission as a developer of emerging leaders to help individuals develop the confidence to engage and succeed in challenging conversations.

In addition to a steady stream of articles, I’m sharing the free webinar and introducing a new online professional development program to help you strengthen this critical skill-set.

If dealing with difficult people, learning to assert in challenging circumstances and succeeding with challenging conversations are all important to you, take advantage of the resources. I’m here to help! Check out the free webinar and consider the professional development program.

Yours in an endless string of great conversations,

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