New Webinar Series/Program, Early Bird Pricing!

On the heels of my widely subscribed Succeeding as a First-Time Manager webinar subscription series & professional development program, I am excited to announce the latest: Developing as a Manager of Managers.

This is a five event program kicking off later in August, 2017, and delivered over ten weeks including webinars (and recordings) mentoring, unlimited (evergreen) e-mail access to me, copies of my two books, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development, and Practical Lessons in Leadership, and much more!

The focus is all on helping soon-to-be, new, and even experienced managers of managers develop and succeed in this demanding role.

Manager of Managers Program Topics Include:

• What it takes to succeed as a manager of managers
• Driving great results at scale
• Coaching and developing managers on your team
• Strengthening as a decision-maker
• Vision, strategy, execution—directing your larger organization
• Navigating organizational politics at a higher level
• Becoming a leader of peers and growing your influence
• Developing yourself as a leader and senior manager

All live events include a q/a and spotlight coaching opportunity. If your schedule conflicts with the live sessions, there’s a recording and a chance to hit me with your questions via e-mail.

Why I Love Serving the Manger of Managers Audience:

• I remember living through this myself, and I cringe in hindsight at my mistakes. I am personally motivated to help you avoid my missteps.

• It’s a tough transition from managing individual contributors to guiding and leading other managers, and frankly, this audience is underserved. There’s ample content for first-time managers and for those transitioning to the executive ranks, but a shocking lack of practical, usable content and coaching for those of you running the show from the middle of our organizations. I want to fill this “help” gap for you.

• Those of you serving as manager of managers own a disproportionate amount of the work for navigating and adapting to change as well as driving innovation in our world today. I want to help you succeed with this challenging and critically important task.

Developing as a Manager of Managers is Ideal for:

• Anyone recently promoted to a level where they are now accountable for managers and supervisors.

• Individuals who expect or are on track to be promoted within the next year.

• Experienced managers interested in sharpening the skills and strengthening performance.

Early Bird Pricing Thru 8/5!

The program kicks off later in August and runs through October. The registration fee is $395 for the entire program, with Early Bird Pricing thru 8/5 at $295. This is the lowest price this program will be offered at for individual enrollment.

Visit the Manager of Managers program page for more information and to enroll! 

If you have questions, drop me a note at [email protected] If you are interested in a group program tailored for your organization, I am happy to discuss your needs and establish a group price.

Yours in career success,

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