Late last year, I kicked off the Leadership Caffeine Jam Session Series of free professional development sessions. These are 50-minute events on the second Friday of every month at noon central, and the format is fast, fun, and filled with idea exchanges on topics relevant to all of us. As I regularly highlight, no slides, no pitches, and plenty of interaction with the audience! The first two have been rich with input from the audience.

We’re live on January 14 at noon central with the latest Jam Session entitled: The Persuasive Power of the Right Words in the Right Order Said the Right Way.

Considering that most interactions in the workplace are a form of negotiation, including asking for help, resources, support, input, changes, and of course, money, it pays to tune our skills in seeking support. And yes, we all have access to the same words. The challenge is to become great at using them to gain support for our initiatives!

I blend research, time-tested experience and offer great ideas and takeaways you can use immediately. And of course, we’re all smarter together, and the audience via the chat stream is sure to offer some priceless nuggets!

Hope to see you at the session! You can Register Here. They are recorded if you want the content but can’t make the time/day.

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p.s. We’ll announce next month’s topic at the end of our session! Let’s say that we’ll have a special guest joining us to talk about career development!