About Art’s Keynote/Workshop Programs

Thanks for exploring my keynote and workshop programs! Instead of a shameless sales pitch and a page filled with client quotes (happy to give both if you prefer), I asked one of my colleagues to interview me about my programs and approaches.

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Interview with Art:

Q: What are your favorite groups to work with for keynotes and workshops?

A: Any group or any team interested in doing something great, new or different! I love working with executives and leaders on a mission to help their teams grow and level-up in the face of new challenges. And there are plenty of new challenges for all of us in all of our organizations to go around. From moving to new markets to adopting new strategies to promoting high performance on our project teams and helping a culture of innovation take root and grow, “new” is in plentiful supply.

Q: In as few words as possible, what’s the underlying theme of all of your programs?

A: Just like my books and blog: learning to survive and thrive as leaders, teams and organizations in our era of change.

Q: Isn’t the talk about change just a bit overdone?

A: On the contrary, I don’t think most managers and leaders can truly grasp what’s going on right in front of our eyes. We tend to view change in linear terms and there’s nothing linear about what we are experiencing.

The rate of technological change is accelerating exponentially. Christensen predicts that by 2027 75% of the Fortune 500 will be different. Cisco projects the number of nodes on the internet increasing in the next few years from 5 billion to 50 billion as the “Internet of Things” emerges.

If you want to look at where all of the profound structural disruption in our industries, firms and careers will come from in the next few years, look at McKinsey’s list of the “Disruptive Dozen.” Given all the change, this is an era of unrivaled peril and unrivaled opportunity. The firms engaging me are opting for the latter view.

Q: How do your programs help leaders and firms navigate all of this change?

A: Very simply, I focus on the individual and the sets of behaviors needed to survive and thrive in an environment of change and ambiguity. Interestingly enough, these behavioral skills translate seamlessly to the workplace and team environment. They are essential for individual and organizational success.

Q: What are some of these behaviors and skill sets?

A. I make the case for 5 broad behaviors sets that every person must cultivate to thrive in their career and to help their organizations thrive in an era of change. These include:

  • Learning the See Around Corners
  • Learning to See Yourself as Others Do
  • Mastering Your Inner and Outer Games of Leading
  • Learning to Generate Clean (Ethical) Power in a Political Environment
  • Building Teams that Work

From critical and strategic thinking to guiding and motivating others to managing yourself and your brand to leveraging power to help the firm and help others, and finally to mastering the art of building high performance teams, these are all essential capabilities in our firms. I approach these big issues from the individual’s perspective and teach and coach them on changing their firm for the better while leveling up in their careers.

Q: You reference both keynotes and workshops. Aren’t they significantly different?

A: Yes and no. All of my keynote work, whether it is 45 or 75 minutes engages and involves the audience. The workshop format simply extends the keynote content into breakouts, practice, group problem-solving and action planning. Depending upon the sponsor or organizer’s needs, my programs are tailored to go deep or offer the broader brushstroke. However, even for keynotes, I offer tools for people to leverage the content beyond the event.

Q: Of your list of topics, which one is the most valuable for your clients? 

A: I will make the case that all of the topics are incredibly relevant. It just depends upon the current situation and needs of the sponsor and his/her organization. And all of my topics interconnect. The 5 core behavioral skill sets form the basis of all of my programs. 

Q: What’s your favorite format?

A: Keynotes for groups trying to change the world or change their world. And I love workshops where the live-event is just one part of a sustained experience that incorporates action-planning, coaching and learning over time. An event can pique your interest, but a sustained program will help you change yourself and your firm for the better.

Q: Last and not least, what’s the word-cloud that best describes your audience’s takeaways from your programs?

A: high energy, inspirational, how-to, change yourself to change your firm, strategic, high performance, great leadership, thought-provoking, teaming, occasionally mind-bending, forward-looking, powerful and practical.

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