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Art’s Live Programs

In his speaking programs, including workshops, seminars and keynotes, Art helps leaders learn to survive and thrive during periods of significant market, industry and company change. Art, a long-time software industry executive and MBA educator and executive coach, tackles the critical and timely need for all of us in our careers and in our organizations to adapt and adjust to seize opportunities, respond to threats and survive and succeed in this era of change.

These interactive, engaging workshop, seminar or keynote speaking events challenge participants to think and act differently by applying the Level-Up Skill Sets—sets of behaviors drawn from the latest research in neuro-leadership and motivation science —to their daily work and on-going self-development.

Art’s events help individuals and teams learn to think and act differently in a world characterized by volatility and uncertainty.

Whether your focus is rethinking strategy or reinventing leadership for a new era in your firm, a speaking or workshop program with Art will leave the group’s brains boiling with ideas and tools to tackle the challenges in front of them.

Speaking Topics

Most teams and leaders struggle during periods of external and internal change. In this program (speech or workshop), Art teaches leaders and teams to view change as challenge and seize the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed at a higher level. This is an immersive program with skills development, interactivity and introduction to new tools and approaches to put into action in the workplace immediately.

Leaders everywhere are struggling to navigate a complex, changing environment with an increasingly diverse workforce. The challenge and the opportunity is to find a way to generate Myoshu–something brilliant and unexpected–that propels your firm and team to new levels. This workshop challenges participants to rethink their approach(es) to leading.

In this speech, Art explores and explains the seven essential Level-Up Survival Skills that both employees and their organizations need to wield in the marketplace in order to stay ahead of the competition.  Audiences will learn practical tips through examples, cases, and scenarios they work through in order to speed up and focus organizational development and change.
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What Participants Have to Say

“An excellent keynote providing a good balance between theoretical and the practical complemented with relevant case studies and compelling personal experiences! I enjoyed this immensely and have been further challenged to “level-up” in this era of change, ambiguity and conflict.”
Citigroup program participant
“Session with Art Petty was great, very informative, reassuring, positive and energizing.”
Citigroup program participant.
“This was a great day to start my day and give me some thoughts on how to engage myself and my career this year.”
Higher Education Keynote Attendee
“Amazing! Thank you for your inspiration and guidance!”
Project Leadership Conference Participant
“This was wonderful, I gained many tools and ideas to strengthen as a manager.”
Technical Association Management Workshop Participant
“Great speaker!”
Higher Education Association Conference Participant
“Exceptional energy! Great, actionable case studies for developing as a leader.”
Leadership Program Participant.
“Art helped me change my thinking about my priorities as a leader.”
Leadership Program Participant
“Art’s knowledge of management and leadership is endless and there’s no denying his passion.”
Leadership Program Participant
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