Art Petty is a multi-decade software industry executive and a popular leadership and management speaker, executive and emerging leading coach and author. After guiding multiple software firms to positions of market leadership as a senior strategy, sales, and marketing executive, Art now serves clients as a management team adviser and executive coach. He is also an active keynote and workshop presenter and regularly serves as a graduate management educator at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

Art’s practical and powerful business guidance is reflected in his highly ranked Management Excellence blog (a Top-50 ranked/Top-50 socially shared and No. 11 most trafficked management and leadership blog). Art’s articles are regularly featured in: SmartBrief on Leadership, Government Executive, The Pragmatic Marketer, and many others.
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Plus You'll Get These Bonuses...

BONUS MODULE: Lessons of Great Workplace Communicators

  • The one thing great communicators spend most of their time doing.
  • The easy way to find out people's interests and motivations. 
  • How to gain trust authentically and influence others.

You'll learn the quick and actionable tips that all great communicators use! 

BONUS MODULE: Crushing It with Virtual Communications

  • You’ll learn strategies that mitigate the risks inherent when communicating virtually.
  • You’ll learn approaches to strengthen your effectiveness when engaging with team members via digital devices and applications

You'll learn the quick and actionable tips that all great communicators use! 


What's Inside:

Video Modules

Downloadable Worksheets

Planning Tools

Online Community

Case Studies

All of the course modules, including actionable, easy to implement real-life examples,
are immediately available for 24/7 access.

Module 1: Challenging Confrontations

  • The brain’s natural responses to a confrontation.
  • 7 steps to help you train your brain to keep control.
  • A case study example of a manager successfully resisting the fight or flight instinct in high-stakes meetings.

You'll learn to recognize the early warning signs of fight or flight reflexes kicking in (amygdala hijack) & then initiate a brain “reboot” process to maintain control.

Module 2: Message Mapping

  • Uses and ingredients of Message Mapping.
  • 3 steps to build and 3 methods to apply a Message Map.
  • 5 tips for Message Mapping Success.
  • The career-enhancing power of Message Mapping.

You'll learn to clarify your core message and supporting data using the message mapping technique. Then, you'll learn to deliver your message & respond to questions using the map.

Modules 3, 4, 5: Feedback

  • What bad feedback sounds like and why we avoid it.
  • Key ingredients of every quality feedback discussion.
  • Preparing to deliver quality feedback.
  • Managing the discussion.
  • Navigating when feedback discussions take a bad turn.

You'll learn to develop, deliver, and manage high-quality feedback discussions and to build a healthy feedback culture on your team.

Modules 6, 7, 8: Positive Persuasion

  • The Persuasion Process and its role in the workplace.
  • The Principles of Positive Persuasion.
  • How to apply the principles to get your way and grow your influence.
  • Why positive persuasion isn’t manipulation.

We introduce the concept of positive persuasion as an essential approach for succeeding at these negotiations and teach you how to apply it across a wide-variety of situations.

Module 9: Developing as a Fierce Listener

  • The importance of listening to successful communication.
  • Techniques and approaches to apply immediately to strengthen your listening skills.
  • How to help your team members develop as fierce listeners.

You'll learn why the best communicators are the best listeners and how to strengthen your skills as a fierce listener.

Module 10: Applying the Tools

  • How to communicate and succeed with the micromanaging boss. 
  • How to deal with and survive the difficult co-worker.

You'll learn how to apply the tools to succeed with the difficult coworker and micromanaging boss & final encouragement and guidance to crush your challenging conversations.

“This program was hands down the best I've attended. Art is a very lively and engaging presenter. Each lesson is jam packed with thought-provoking ideas and real-world examples from Art's deep experience and knowledge. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to boost their managerial effectiveness.”


“Art is a catalyst -- an inspirational, heart-filled substance that has helped me reorganize around an utterly new mindset of my skills, creativity, and superpower. I trust Art with my ideas - no matter how undercooked - and he can illuminate possibilities, expose vulnerabilities, and offer next steps. Art is helping me dance into my future: to boldly go where I've been afraid to before.”


“To say that he’s taught me tools to refine and focus my communication skills may sound too tactical and (ugh) like marketing.  The truth however is that he’s done both, which is what’s made working with Art such a success.” 

“Message Mapping is one easy example; a straightforward and intuitive process with which to refine and then articulate one’s point. This technique allows one to be able to succinctly deliver that message to any audience, be it a team of developers or Board of Directors." 


Will the course give me tools and approaches I can use in the workplace right away?
Absolutely! This course is designed with practical, real workplace scenarios and case studies along with ample suggestions for how to apply the tools in the workplace.
Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes! Our online community is made up of people just like you who are trying to be the best communicators they can be and to navigate challenging workplace issues.
How is this course different from other communication courses?
The majority of courses out there focus on one aspect, typically feedback. We give you a lesson on managing yourself in challenging confrontations, a powerful planning tool to prepare for challenging presentations, as well as a series of lessons on applying the principles of positive persuasion, fierce listening, and a wrap up of lessons from master communicators. 


“Art has helped me see that influence is defined by the receiver. It’s not my “job” to measure my success by the actions of others but by the motivation and actions that comes from my heart. I’ll keep looking for the “loose bricks”, and opportunities to “allow” others to lead and get the credit for my great ideas.”


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Why You Need This Course:

Maybe you have a co-worker that you can't stand communicating with. You're at your wits end and need a solution before you decide the job isn't worth the stress of dealing with this person anymore. This course will give you advanced strategies to deal effectively with extraordinarily difficult characters and micromanaging bosses in the workplace.

Maybe you've been putting off much-needed feedback discussions out of fear that people won’t like you if you criticize them. This course will give you fundamental preparation and delivery techniques with particular emphasis on how to handle the toughest, constructive feedback discussions that will put your anxiety over these types of discussions in the rear-view mirror.

You're tired (no pun intended) of losing sleep the night before you have to present to executives. This course will give you the tools and techniques to help you deliver your message confidently during high stakes presentations and get you beyond nervousness and sleepless nights.

Maybe you wish there was a formula to convince colleagues to get on board with your proposal or process change. This course will give you a framework and approach for convincing others to support your initiatives. 

Focused On Your Needs:

The Crushing It with Challenging Conversations course is divided into 10+ easy-to-follow lessons that you can work through in your own time and return to over and over again for the practical ideas and approaches for just about every challenging situation you might encounter.

Special Offer: 

Enroll Now For $247 $197

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Special Offer: 

Enroll Now For $247 $197

Hurry! The public enrollment period ends in: 


Here's What You'll Learn in Each Module:

What You Can Achieve:

Discovered techniques for how to communicate and succeed with your difficult or micromanaging boss. 

Learned the 11 Principles of Positive Persuasion and how to apply them to grow your influence.

Incorporated the skills necessary to develop as a fierce listener in our incredibly noisy world.

Learned the approaches critical for supporting the performance and growth of your team members.

Discovered how to get results with your workplace negotiations for resources, budgets, etc. 

This online, on-demand course is built on three legs: 

  • Learn to manage yourself during challenging confrontations
  • Learn to manage and own your message in all situations
  • Learn to apply the principles of positive persuasion to gain support and grow your influence

The short-form is: manage yourself, manage your message, and persuade positively. And the tools, cases, planning templates, and content are all geared around these three skill sets essential for success in today’s workplace.


Gained the confidence to engage in the toughest of feedback discussions and create positive outcomes. 

Learned how to deal with and survive your difficult co-worker.

Identified strategies for helping get the fear out and gain support for organizational change.

The know how to prepare your message and mind for just about any challenging conversation. 

Clarified how to communicate effectively and confidently with executives.

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The Best Time to Amp Up Your Communication Skills is Now!

Everything important that happens in organizations, from job interviews to leading change, proposing new investments, delivering performance feedback and so on, is an outcome of one or more challenging conversations.

There are no secret techniques when it comes to managing challenging conversations. The key to success is focused effort, preparation and confidence. 

Don't wait a day to join your peers in the most valuable communication training of your career!  

Groups of 4 or more should email [email protected] for group rate

Groups of 4 or more should email [email protected] for group rate

Groups of 4 or more should email [email protected] for group rate