Critical Thinking & Decision-Making

We help individuals and teams strengthen decision-making by teaching discussion and evaluation processes that eliminate or mitigate personal and group biases and pressures.

Beware the Traps!

  • Most individual and group decision-making processes are marked by traps and pitfalls introduced by cognitive biases or various social and cultural factors.
  • Agendas, egos, politics, personality factors, prior experiences, wording choices, data smog, power influences and so many other socialization factors all complicate and sometimes doom our ability to make quality decisions.
  • Today’s temporary project and virtual (distributed) teams add additional complexity to decision-making.

Critical Thinking & Decision-Making Training to Help You Move Forward:

We work with professionals at all levels to help identify areas to strengthen and cultivate the activities and feedback systems to support development. Our focus is on you and your impact on others and our goal is to help you become more effective and more fulfilled in your role as a leader and professional.

Executive Designed & Delivered:

All of our programs are designed and delivered by experienced executives. Our focus in this area is to help you:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the critical decision-making traps that commonly derail individuals and teams.
  • Learn practical strategies to identify and minimize impact of decision-making traps.
  • Gain experience with tools and discussion approaches that support improved framing, better use of data better organized and focused group discussions.
  • Learn approaches for moving from idea generation to decision-development.
  • Discover ideas and tools to measure, monitor and improve decision-making effectiveness.
  • Build skills through hands-on case work. Depending upon program length, we apply the tools to a current decision-issue from your workplace.

Our Program is for You If:

  • You are an individual contributor seeking to improve your own decision-making strength.
  • You are leading a team (project manager, product manager, team leads) and are striving to cultivate a culture of high performance.
  • You are part of a management team responsible for evaluating strategic choices and key investments.


  • Individual education and coaching
  • Team education/training and coaching
  • Combined Live Facilitation and Teaching (we work on a critical issue and introduce tools and practices as we facilitate)
  • On-going support via our on-line tools

All formats are highly interactive with pre-program work and post-program development assignments.

HR, Training Managers and Line of Business Executives:

We are happy to tailor our Critical Thinking & Decision-Making programs for groups or for individuals. References available upon request.

Contact Us:

To learn more about our services and programs, e-mail or call 847.612.8420. All inquiries are confidential.

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